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Energy Saving Solutions by Windsor Window Imaging

Are your air conditioning and or heating bills too high? Canada's unpredictable, and at times, extreme weather conditions can have a major effect on heating and cooling costs for your home or office. Whether you're an individual trying to make ends meet or a company trying to cut costs, the application of professionally installed 3M window film can be an effective solution for you. Let the experts at Windsor Window Imaging give you a free in-home/on-site consultation to review how we can help you reduce these costs.

Having our window film in place can reduce your energy costs by:

  • Rejecting up to 77% of the total solar energy

  • Reducing air conditioning loads by up to one ton for every 100 square feet of glass

  • Retain up to 30% of radiant heat that would have been lost through the glass in the colder months

  • Reduce peak power demand in the hottest periods in the day

Residential Applications

Your windows and doors are the reason for approximately 18 to 20% of the heat loss from your home during the cold winters. You can reduce this and make your home energy efficient by applying 3M® Window Films. It’s an investment to save energy that acts like a thermal shield protecting your home. In the warm summers, it helps to keep the heat out by at least 66%. This will allow you to stay comfortable while at the same time reducing your need to use your air conditioning system. By providing heat reduction, your air conditioning system takes on less heat load, thereby lowering the cooling costs. Also, UV rays can damage your interior furnishings, shortening their life. It adds to the expense to replace faded and damaged furniture, carpets, draperies, flooring, and artwork. You can cut the replacement costs with an application of window films which screens out UV rays that damage and fade your furnishings.

Save Money

Savings you can see
3M™ Window Films reject the sun’s heat, reducing the cost of keeping your building comfortable. With these films, you can save up to 19kWh per square foot (1.77 kWh per square meter) while still letting natural light into your buidling. Better yet, 3M™ Window Films can be applied to existing windows.

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