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Window Glass Privacy Films for Your Home in Windsor

Are your window panels transparent? Are you tired of using curtains? Do you want a secure solution to increase privacy in your property? Worry no more. Windsor Window Imaging has the right product for you. 


We provide shatterproof, tinted, and privacy control window films that will help keep your privacy, safety, and security problems at bay. Also, with 3M® protective window films, the risk of injuries and cuts from broken glass can be reduced. The adhesive in the films keeps the glass together and also minimizes the damage to your property. They are an effective solution to boost privacy. They allow occupants from inside to see through the glass but prevent intruders from peeking into your home. To get a quote on your requirements, give us a call.

Feather Friendly® is an easy-to-use and unobtrusive window application. It is less of a film and more of a window marker placed on the outside of the window surface. This is highly effective in allowing birds to see the windows, thereby allowing them to avoid deadly collisions.

3M™ Security Window Films and Attachment Systems

Keeping What’s Important Intact
Nothing can shatter your sense of security more than a break-in. Add a level of safety and security with 3M™ Security Window Films & Attachment Systems. Windows are one of the weakest points on your building or home. Using 3M™ Security Window Films help to:

  • Help protect people and your property

  • Provide precious time by helping to deter unwanted individuals from entering your building or home

  • Provide added protection to property from smash and grab burglaries

  • Protect your occupants from broken glass hazards

  • Attachment systems anchor the film to the glass frame, supplying additional protection if the glass is broken

  • Offers protection against broken glass shards and unlawful entry

Protecting Your Loved Ones at Home and Assets at Work

Alarm systems will tell you when someone has broken into your home or office, however, wouldn’t it be better to keep intruders out altogether? Recent testing has shown 3M™ Security Window Films & Attachment Systems can deter an intruder for as long as two minutes. This can give you valuable time to prepare and may discourage the intruder from entering altogether. Your windows are one of the weakest points of entry. If you need to display your merchandise next to your windows, 3M™ Security Window Films & Attachment Systems will make it more difficult to get through your window. This will help to reduce your losses during smash and grab crimes.

Contact Us

Whether you are looking for safety window glass or are in need of privacy for your glass window, we have got you covered. Our team offers hassle-free window tinting installation services. Get in touch with us now for more information, our team serves customers in and around Windsor.

Safety First

The videos below demonstrate the protective abilities of the 3M Shatter Resistant Glass


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