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All residential films are backed by a lifetime warranty direct from 3M Canada.

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Why Install Solar Control Window Films

Reduce the heat from the sun by 79% with professionally installed 3M window film from Windsor Window Imaging.  Window film applications cut down excess light, heat, and glare from the sun. The film also blocks over 99% of UV light coming through your windows, thereby keeping your interior furnishings, flooring, and valuable assets safe from sun damage. Give us a call to get free estimates.

Solar Control Window Films for Commercial Premises

Building owners, property and facility managers, tenant residences, commercial offices or industrial buildings can add energy savings and reduce their operating expenses while improving workspace comfort for their employees/tenants with professionally installed 3M window films. 


Windsor Window Imaging Inc has the installation capabilities to tackle any size project in a timely manner. We pride ourselves on repeatedly meeting our customer's target timelines and expectations.

Window Films for Residential Property in Windsor

Homes look beautiful with natural light, but the direct sunlight has other side effects, such as excess heat and damage to furnishings. 3M® Sun Control Window Films fixes that problem for you. Our films let natural light into your home while keeping excess heat, glare and harmful UV rays out.

Why Should You Be Concerned About UV Rays?


Your skin absorbs the energy produced by UV rays and damages the DNA in your cells. UV Rays can cause skin and eye damage, accelerate signs of ageing and wrinkles, cause headaches as well as cause skin cancer. All year long, the sun's UV rays enter the unprotected windows of your homes and buildings causing unwanted damage to furnishing, flooring and belongings. Our 3M Sun Control Films cut out 99.9% of UV Rays, keeping you and your loved ones safe. The Skin Care Foundation also recommends 3M Window Film as an effective skin cancer prevention measure.

Benefits of Solar Window Films


Solar window films are an easy way to control the heat and sunlight entering your home. Here are the additional benefits of installing solar window films:

  • Solar window films help you block heat and maintain a peaceful, serene atmosphere in your home.
  • Solar window films give you increased privacy as they prevent a clear view inside your home from outside.
  • Solar window films can help you keep the room cooler for longer, thereby reducing your energy consumptions and leads to greater savings.
  • Solar window films are more effective and efficient than solar tints as they last longer with minimal care and maintenance. 

Call us to know more about our high quality products and installation services.

High-Quality Solar Window Films

We ensure that your home is protected against the sun's undesirable rays with 3M films. We can help you maintain the desired temperature and luminosity in your home. With a range of solar window films, our experts can advise you on the most suitable models based on your needs and requirements.


Over the years of serving clients in Windsor, we have emerged as the preferred suppliers of solar window films. Reach out to us for our quality products and installation services.

Give the Sun a Run

Protect your skin, furniture and valuable assets from excess heat and glare.

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